Eastern Mennonite University Orientation Video

This video was done within three weeks and during the COVID-19 pandemic. The first three scenes were shot by myself with a single camera, tripod, and lavaliere mic. The final “Welcome to EMU” videos were shot by faculty and staff and it was my responsibility to edit the visual and audio into the final cut. Due to the lack of in person interaction, most communication was done via email with the marketing department as well as following a branding guidelines package provided to me. 

Influencer Informational Video

In this video I not only explain a research backed, modern, marketing strategy, but I am also the creator of this video. 

The Green Hummingbird

This video was a part of a social media campaign, Meet the Green Hummingbird, for their fair trade clothing company. The first post explains how the company got their name. Giving the video a storybook feel, the combination of images and keyframes were used to create this video. The voiceover was recorded using an H4N and refined within both Pro Tools Adobe Premier Pro.

Central Valley Habitat for Humanity

This video was made for a “Meet the Families” campaign which features families that have been impacted by the client’s organization. For this video, I was head of creating the narrative arc through assembling the b-roll and editing clips and audio to the final cut. This video was used in Central Valley’s Habitat for Humanity fundraising banquet in 2019.