Concept Designs

Hygeia Wellness Park

Hygeia knows how busy life can be and the prevalence of the digital world, so why should in-person health services be the only option? The founders of Hygeia care about people as a whole. Health is not just physical, but also mental. Named after the goddess of health, the goal of this business is to offer wholistic health options to women ranging from 18 to 70. These options include self educational services, workouts, meal plans, access to online coaching, in person seminar enrollment, and many more options. 

I worked with Hygia during phase one of their development where they wanted myself and a group of fellow digital media strategists to envision an innovated way of learning about health. With the evidence based research of the effectiveness of avatars, a reward system, and online learning, we created a concept for their digital nutrition module that was previously a series of powerpoint presentations.


Verchoos is a timely and transformative tool for youth that empowers them to embrace and celebrate their unique powers along their life-learning journey. Created by educator and youth champion, Andrei Dacko, Verchoos promotes self and peer actualization, acceptance and agency in a time where our youth can sometimes doubt their value and self worth

Before mine and three other individuals work with Verchoos, there was no definitive branding, marketing plan, or goals organized for the company. The purpose of this document is to set a foundation for the Verchoos as a professional organization and setting branding guidelines to affirm the brand and to expand. 

BCVoice Email Campaign

This report is on an email campaign run for Bridgewater College’s BCVoice, its news outlet for the truth. BCVoice “aims to give media production experience to its student participants while creating products of which we, as a community are proud”. The following report details the ways in which the first two groups conducted A/B testing for emails to half of the target audience and the results that came from it. In this report, we will refer to ourselves as the No Caps group and the comparative group as the All Caps group. 

In this project, it was my responsibility to create email design guidelines for each email group to follow while creating their own emails. Design practices implemented are backed by the most recent research. After the data was collected, I was a part of a team that translated the data into a report to give to the client.